Coverage Extension and Interoperability Solutions for the Global Radio Communications Industry

About Radio Systems Technologies

About Radio Systems Technologies

Since 1993 RST (Radio Systems Technologies Pty Ltd) has been developing innovative, cost effective solutions to network extension and cross platform communication challenges for both the trunked radio network and conventional market.

This has continued with our SmartBridge product designed to provide INTEROPERABILITY between dissimilar networks, digital to digital, digital to analog, analog to anlaog etc.

Our products are found all around the world, providing coverage extension and interoperability for network operators, emergency services, governments, gas and oil, transport, public safety and security industries.

Our products are supplied in true “Plug and Play” format, to provide for easy no-risk installation and simple maintenance. This mantra has been the basis for successful implementation and ongoing performance of our products in locations around the world: West and East Europe, Asia, Africa, the North, South and Central Americas, and the South East Asian Pacific area, including New Zealand and of course, Australia.

Frits van Enk B. Elec Eng

Consulting Engineer and Specialist Advisor

Frits van Enk, founder of RST,  is a Professional Engineer who graduated in Electronics Engineering from the Technical University in Delft, Holland, in the early 70’s. Following his graduation he served for 2 years in the Royal Dutch Navy as a Communications Officer.

Frits commenced his professional career with Philips Telecommunications Industries in Hilversum, Holland, where he worked in various areas of Mobile and Military Radio research and development.

In the mid 70’s he was seconded to the Philips Radio Communications Division in Melbourne, where he became Engineering Manager, responsible for all Product and Systems Development. He was directly responsible for a number of highly successful product developments, including the world famous FM828/FM813 series of mobiles, the FM814/FM815 series of Base stations, and last but not least, the FM320/620 UHF CB radio, of which close to 100,000 units haven been produced.

He left Philips Australia in the late 80’s, to join Signalling Technology, where he served for a period of 5 years, mainly in the position of Engineering Manager. He then joined the GEC-Plessey/Sepac Telecommunications Division in Melbourne, again as Engineering Manager, responsible for all product and system development. It was at GPT that he became very involved with major systems development and production, especially concentrating on Trunked radio systems.

Following a GPT management decision to close down their Radio division, he took over ownership in the early 90’s, and re-started the Company as Radio Systems Technologies. Frits is still very active today in all aspects of the Company’s operations, but his main interest is and remains Radio Systems Engineering.

His main Engineering achievements at RST are the development of the world famous and internationally highly successful Cell Extender and SmartBridge product range, which he developed almost single handed, greatly assisted by his Engineering friend and colleague Peter Stephens, who developed all the software for these products.

Whilst RST has been acquired by the JRD Group, Frits continues his involvement as a Consulting Engineer and Specialist Advisor.

Peter Stephens B Engineering Software

Software Engineer Consultant

Peter Stephens through Stephens Micro Systems P/L has provided electronic engineering services to a broad range of industries, including Automotive, Automation, Building Management, and Communications since 1982.

Stephens Micro Systems P/L has evolved from microprocessor based systems to include general hardware design, interfacing, DSP, PC based service software, analytic hardware & software systems.

Peter has worked very closely with RST almost since its inception, and he is the prime software source of almost all RST’s products and systems.

Bob Rogers

CEO and Group Managing Director

Bob Rogers oversees the management and development of Radio Systems Technologies in his role as CEO of the JRD Group of companies.

He is an experienced engineer with a passion for people, education, and new technology, and has been responsible for the development of a number of specialist communications products used in critical emergency service networks both in Australia and overseas.

With RST now under his guidance, clients are assured of a continuation of the high standard of service and support to which they have been accustomed in the past, together with some exciting developments for our future business.

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