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Oil and Gas Industries


An oil pipeline operations company, Sudan


Cell Extender®


Continental subtropical or desert climate / environment


MPT1372-TAIT Trunk Radio Network which is used for the company pipeline operation (1600 Km length). The current coverage is a 30 Km radius around the 9 pipeline main sites. How to extend the coverage to cover the entire pipeline given that the demand on the extend coverage area is expected to be very low and the minimum distance between 2 sites is 80Km and the maximum distance is 250 Km?


Cell Extender®  MPT1327 repeater system, configured for Single Channel Self Assign operation where the channel reverts to Traffic if there is traffic demand in its coverage area. The advantages: low cost, no multi channel combiners etc. (Of course, if the system has reverted to Traffic there is no MPT Service at that time but MPT Service will be straight back as soon as the Call has been cleared down by the User). Cell Extender®  links to a Parent (Donor) site either via a full duplex, usually low Tx power, fixed radio RF link (we usually use 2 mobiles for that function), or via 4-wire E&M lines. When we use radio, the RF link is frequency agile so we need 1 radio only, even if the Donor site is 5 or 6 (or more channels). We "tune" the RF link radio to the Donor site Control Channel and if there is a Call, we switch the RF link radio to the appropriate Traffic channel at the Donor site. When we connect via fixed lines, we normally extend all Donor site channels to the Extender site, and Cell Extender®  is then fitted with a switch to do the switching function normally done by the RF link radio.


This system has yet to be installed. Upon completion more results will be posted.

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